Review: Jackass 3D

Johnny Knoxville performing a stunt in Jackass 3D

Until three days ago I had never seen a film that had made me laugh, cry and want to vomit. Then I went to see Jackass 3D. I find it very difficult to be objective when reviewing this film because I have been a fan of Jackass since it was simply a television show when it started ten years ago. The ‘Jackass’ concept has since become a franchise with spin-off’s such as Bam Margera‘s ‘Viva La Bam’, Steve-O‘s ‘Don’t Try This At Home’ and Ryan Dunn‘s ‘Homewrecker’ .

For me, there is no debate that this is the best the Jackass boys have ever been. The initial opening scene of the film makes full use of the 3D technologies and you can’t help but feel like the paintballs flying out of the screen are going to cause you the pain that they are causing the men on-screen.

Fans will love this film because there are many references to stunts originally performed on the first series of the show, but with a much bigger production element. Johnny Knoxville, the ring-leader of the group, even goes as far as to say “I think it’s almost ten years to the day when we first did this stunt”. Another sentimental element of the film is the use of old photographs and clips of previous stunts over the end credits with the Weezer song “memories” which the Jackass cast feature on.

Johnny Knoxville's "high five" skit

However, the film isn’t just for previous fans of the franchise, people who are completely unaware of the Jackass phenomenon would still be able to watch Jackass 3D as it is a stand-alone film. It is, however, rather difficult to review in the sense that it will either appeal to a viewer or not. But, personally, I would definitely recommend the film.

Rating: 4 1/2 stars


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