The Low-down on Lip-syncing

Watching the X Factor results show last weekend made me start to think, how is it fair that some of the artists performing on the show are allowed to lip-sync? It hardly seems fair to the contestants, who are made to sing live, regardless of the type of performance they are putting on or whether they are ill. The artist in question, in this case, is Justin Bieber. The teen star has become a phenomenon in the last year, especially in the US. I have to admit, I’ve stayed away from the hype surrounding  him. Admittedly, I think he put on a good show and perhaps, as he has incorporated lots of dance into his performance, his lip-syncing is warranted in some situations. But I think as he was performing on a talent show, lip-syncing was perhaps inappropriate.

Here is the performance in question:

Artists such as Pink and N-Dubz have made pacts to never lip-sync on stage, as they think it’s wrong for fans to pay to see artists performing over playback. However, whether they will stick to this is unknown. In the past, American artist Ashlee Simpson, had also claimed to always sing live, however, she was caught out on the now infamous Saturday Night Live, hosted by Jude Law in 2004 as seen in the Fox News report below.

The list of artists who have previously lip-synced would be almost endless and in some situations, artists are required to lip-sync in particular venues and on particular shows. I think it will forever be a controversial topic as when singers lip-sync, it gives the impression that they aren’t good at live singing without the help of studio technology and auto-tuning. And anyone can sing along to a backing track, right?


3 thoughts on “The Low-down on Lip-syncing

  1. Interesting article you wrote about the issue of lip syncing, Rachel. To me lip syncing is nothing but a mockery of true and talented singers who work darn hard everyday to be able to perform without relying on a backing track.

    • Thank you 🙂 It annoys me when people make a living out of lip-syncing when I go to gigs where unsigned artists have genuine talent but aren’t heard, I guess that’s what started this post off. To think that people lip-sync when they guest spot on talent shows, to me is just barbaric! People should be known for their talent, not their ability to mime the words of a song!

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