The Snow of 2010 … Back Again

The Snow Last Night In South East London

There’s only one thing everybody seems to be talking about at the moment, the snow. Whether it has already hit your area or you’re anxiously anticipating it’s arrival, you have to question; is snow more trouble than it’s worth?

With weather warnings being issued by the Met Office daily, people are finding themselves stranded. Hundreds of schools have been closed making it difficult for parents to get to work and people around the country are literally “snowed in”. Many roads are gridlocked and some trains and buses have been cancelled due to icy roads.

Gatwick Airport has been officially closed, with some flights being transferred to Luton Airport. A spokesperson for Gatwick Airport released this statement:

“Due to severe weather conditions, Gatwick Airport will remain closed and is not due to reopen until 0600 [GMT] at the very earliest tomorrow. Snow clearance activities have been taking place throughout the night and will continue throughout the day to ensure the runway is safe for aircraft to land and take-off. Gatwick has been disproportionately affected by the weather conditions with approximately six inches on the ground and further heavy snow forecast this afternoon and into this evening. It is vital that passengers do not make their way to the airport and check our website and with their airline for updates.”

The Snowman I Built When It Snowed In January

My parents, who live in South East London have informed me they currently have about eight inches of snow, with a further eight inches expected to fall there tonight. Fortunately, (in my opinion) Bournemouth has not yet been hit by any snow. As much as I love the idea of having a “White Christmas”, I think the side-effect of ice is far too dangerous. Having snow in January this year was personally, enough for me.

What do you think of the snow? Do you love it or loathe it? And what is it like in your area?


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