The New Andrex Advert – Are We Too Consumed By CGI?

Is The Andrex Brand Getting Too Technological?

The Andrex puppy: an iconic star of the TV adverts for the toilet roll brand since 1972. The ever-cute Labrador puppy has now been replaced by a computer generated version of the dog and has already caused quite a controversy with fans. The new 40-second advert, called ‘It’s The Little Things’, was first shown last night. It shows the new animated puppies conducting day to day activities such as using a computer, baking and chasing a toilet roll.

The new advert was developed by Andrex in conjunction with animators JWT London and Framestore, famed for award winning films including The Golden Compass and Harry Potter.

A spokesperson for Andrex’s manufacturer, Kimberly Clark Europe said:

“The Puppy’s had a huge and loyal following since the first ad hit our screens in 1972. We really believe we’ve given him a new lease of life and have evolved his character. We’re confident you’ll love him and his new Puppy World and will be reminded about why you fell in love with him in the first place.”

This new advert poses the question, do we now live in a society consumed by technology? I think making this move is a very risky move on Andrex’s part. The use of  a real puppy was one of the nation’s favourite adverts, however, I cannot see previous buyers of the Andrex brand buying another product just because of a different marketing scheme. What are your thoughts?


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