One To Watch: Red Riding Hood

Promotional Poster for 'Red Riding Hood'

With the film not due to be released until March 2011, ‘Red Riding Hood’ is already causing a stir virally since the release of it’s teaser trailer. Gone are the traditional elements of the classic story: the young heroine of the story is now Amanda Seyfried, who is featured in some very steamy moments with co-starĀ Shiloh Fernandez in the trailer alone, and the infamous ‘big bad wolf’ is now a werewolf.

Perhaps the most discussed element of the trailer though, is it’s similarity to 2008’s ‘Twilight’. Coincidently, both films were directed by Catherine Hardwicke. MTV have even gone as far as to compare screen-shots from the 90 second trailer and ‘Twilight’.

Sure some comparisons are obvious, a love triangle, murders and supernatural elements. Also, the idea of ‘star-crossed lovers’, which was definitely not featured in the traditional ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ tale. But how can we really judge just how similar the films are based on a 90 second trailer? That’s why I’ll retain my judgement until the film is released next year.

In the meantime, check out the trailer: